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We can help!


We can help!

Below are polices we can write that your company perhaps cannot insure:

Auto/ Home: Non-Renewed|Auto/ Home: No prior insurance|Vacant Dwellings|Buildings under Construction|Premises Liability|Bar/ Taverns|Old Churches/ ACV|Bowling Alleys|Contractors Liability|Gun Stores/ Clubs|Shooting Ranges/ Archery|Equipment Inland Marine|Raw Land Liability|Non-Profits; Liquor|Fraternal Organizations|Communities G.L.’s|Errors & Omissions|Professional Liability|
Events/ Parades/ Concerts/ Athletic|Driving Schools|Childcare Package|Homes high/low value|
With claims up to 4|Fuses/ Knob-tube|Rental Properties|Mono-Line Earthquake|Single to Multi Family|
Blanket Property|Pest Control|Tree Trimmers|Amusement Parks|Liquor Liability|


So, the next time you are forced to non-renew an insured we hope you will think of Gateway Insurance.
You can refer your insured here with claims, then take them back once claims history is favorable to
your underwriter.
We are a family owned & run Agency. You are our friend and colleague. We enjoy serving you and
helping people.