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John F Baer


John F Baer


Agent and Customer Service Representative~

John joined the Gateway Insurance team in June 2015 after many years in the Commercial Insurance industry. His experience and knowledge of insurance made for a smooth transition to Gateway, assisting customers in a wide range of insurance options, both commercial and personal.

Starting as an Underwriter in 1986, he rode the Commercial Insurance wave, working primarily on the insurance company side as a Commercial Underwriter and Marketer. In 1996, after 10 years of Underwriting, he accepted a Product Marketer position with a major St. Louis insurance broker. After a two year stint as a Product Marketer, he found an opportunity to work for a top 50 insurance company as a Senior Multi-line Underwriter and Territory Manager, focusing on providing various types and sizes of commercial property risks. In 2008 John was hired as a Property/ General Liability Manager for the top household/commercial goods transportation insurance companies in the US. Targeting major transportation moving specialists from coast to coast, he was involved with the many aspects of underwriting and pricing a growing book of business.

A volunteer in many arenas, with a passion for clean rivers and streams; John enjoys biking, hiking, hunting, the Cardinals and the Blues as well as playing guitar and harmonica.